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Back, sort of...

2010-12-24 01:59:02 by KaiyotiMusic

As 2010 is coming to an end, I'll be posting some of the works I've done during the year. Been real busy lately with my daytime job so I'm finding less and less time to be creative.

Hope you enjoy my tracks.
As always, criticisms and feedbacks are welcome.


Hi, I'm here,,,

2008-09-13 08:13:48 by KaiyotiMusic


I'm NOT a composer, rather an aspiring musician who likes to compose music, in the direction of soundtracks. It's this silly "just because you cook doesn't make you a chef" idea that I picked up. That's right, I have lots of respect for the big guys.

I'm terrible with making soothing / pure music... but I aim for big thick orchestral sound. Another significant element of my music is the synthesizer used in conjunction with orchestral sounds. Yep, I'm a synth freak, but I try to avoid making them sound "dull".

My sounds are "recorded" through mass breeding of rats and mice from my garage, each given miniature orchestral instruments. They tend not to sound too realistic. Sometimes, few greedy rats will start a riot against me due to the minute amount of cheese I've been paying them. So I have to put them down for good, or donate them to the local test laboratory. Which means it usually takes a long time for me to train some more of these rodents so I can record more music. I've also managed to train some of these rodents to program synth patches for me. Unfortunately none of these rats can sing, so choir tracks are usually a little more difficult for me to work with. Recently, I invested in a cattle prod, so I've been able to produce a little more music. But I think they've grown immunity to this device, I don't know how long this will last.

For more of my awesome/terrible (you're pick) music, you can check them out at